Saturday, November 27, 2010

You better....or else?

To set this up, the kids got these Pop on Pals toys as an early Christmas gift.

It came with 2 truck bodies, but only 1 set of wheels. This allows for the child to change the vehicle by switching out the body. However, as we have often found, its very difficult to get 2-3 year olds to share anything. Especially when its a new toy.

Kira immediately started playing with the extra vehicle body, but started asking for wheels in a very specific phrasing.

I'm not sure where she gets this language from, but i'm just going to blame the pre-school.

yea...thats it.

Also, she did name the little girl doll right after this to 'Mila'.

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  1. I wonder what other surprise language you're going to get from school!



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