Monday, November 22, 2010

Candy? Candy!

I'm not going to post any photos of the kids first Halloween where they trick or treated.  Mainly because I want my parents to see them in costume, for the first time, face to face.

But I will post a photo of their "haul" since it was pretty impressive for their first time out.

They got the hang of it at the first house.  Our lovely neighbors across the street gave them several treats and that seemed to click that they get candy if they just show up at he door.  After that it was Kira who refused to stop.  Aidan seemed to be satisfied after the first 20 or so houses.  Both of them were exhausted and Aidan gave me his bucket to hold after a while.  But Kira would not let go of her treasure even with it dragging along the ground.  And when asked if they had enough, Kira would always respond with an emphatic "No" although Aidan seemed not to care after he filled his bucket.  Kira seemed to realize that more houses means more candy.
I'd like to think that this stubbornness is something she gets from her mother,  but I suspect that she gets her tenacity from me.  At least in regards to candy.  I remember being particularly obsessed with candy at an early age.  Probably part of the reason why I was so hyper active as a child.  I'm sure my mom could tell some tales.

Either way.  I think my parents, sister and brother in law will enjoy their costumes when I see them for the holidays and I look forward to posting some pics of them in the near future.  In the meanwhile I have a number of photos and videos that I will post shortly.

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