Monday, August 9, 2010

Boy, did this cause a ruckus...

Aidan did not have any problems with going on their first carnival ride by himself.  I think Inessa was a bit sad that he didn't even hesitate when she told him that mommy and daddy can't go on the ride with him.  His immediate acknowledgment of this should have hinted to us about his reaction after the ride.  I can say that he had his first official tantrum.  He was inconsolable when he wanted to "go back on".  Kira didn't as much as a fuss, but clearly enjoyed it as much.
I have never seen Aidan crying for well over 10 minutes.  We sat and watched him with some odd fascination.
He eventually got over it after we got him some juice.


  1. Aidan looks ready for driving lessons, already checking behind him to make sure no one bumps into him! What a cute ride!

  2. Peter I want to add that we are very impressed with your fathering skills. Your patience seems to be endless. It sure didn't come from me.

  3. Hummm...I made two comments and they didn't show, so here goes again.
    We are absolutely amazed at your endless patience. You are a great father!
    Aidan looks like he's ready for driving lessons. I love how he's checking behind him (to make sure he doesn't get bumped?)

  4. Hes checking behind him because the cars are enabled with a button that makes a loud buzzing noise, and he was trying to figure out who was making the noise. He did quickly figure out that a button on the dashboard made his own car buzz.

    I'm surprised that the guy running the ride was still sane.



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