Sunday, March 20, 2011

3rd Birthday and ear infections

For their 3rd birthday, we decided to see how they would do in a real restaurant.  So we figured it would be a good experiment if we took them on their birthday which was a Wednesday night so it wouldn't be to crowded.
Siam Lotus is a Thai restaurant that we haven't been to since before the kids were born.  Everything went really well, about what I expected.  They were well behaved until dessert.  The 5 min we had to wait for the fried banana was a bit much at that 7 pm.  But we had fun and the kids love shrimp pad Thai.

The other 2 pics are from today when we took Aidan to the doctor.  Of course as soon as we get home, Kira starts saying she isn't feeling well either and she has a temperature, so back to the doctors office tomorrow.  They've been sick a lot this winter, which apparently is the norm.  Seriously been to see the pediatrician 5 times in the past 3 weeks.

Kira like to sing and for some reason she likes for me to sing a lullabye.  I'm assuming she's tone deaf, because she seems to enjoy it.

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