Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Counting... pullups

I took this video just before they started school. It was just before bed so the lighting is poor, but it shows them doing some counting.

I wonder what they are going to think of these posts and videos when the get older. Right now, they are very interested in seeing themselves. I showed this video to them and they love pointing to themselves and each other on the computer monitor.


  1. This is absolutely the BEST video you've ever posted of them. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Don't worry about it being dark. What's important is what they're doing! When you emailed that it was about "Pullups" I thought they were going to be exercising!

  2. Yea, i do call them diapers, but Kira likes to correct me. I call them diapers, and then she'll look at me, and say "pullups".

    She does the same for when we say "We are going home". She corrects me by saying "trailer".

    2 years old and an english expert.



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