Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday: Official Start of the Terrible Two's

I guess i should mark today with some sort of comment.  Its tough to do, since everyone is sick right now, and the kids are finishing up their teething with the canine teeth.

The terrible two's did start a little early with us.  Aidan's personality is pretty defiant to begin with, so in the past several months if i tell him not to do something, he'll go right ahead an do it.  I find that if I ignore him putting his finger up his nose, he stops doing it.  But if i tell him to take his finger out of his nose, He'll start laughing and stick his finger in deeper.  Which always makes Kira laugh, and copy the action.
Discipline has been an interesting topic for Inessa and I.  We are trying the timeout method, but to be honest it doesn't really work with Aidan that well.  It did when we first started but, hes gotten used to sitting in the corner of a room.  It does eventually sink in, however we end up having to put in him timeout repeatedly until he understands that his behavior is not appropriate.  Kira on the other hand, timeouts work remarkably well.  We rarely ever have to put her in timeout and even rarer does she have to be put in timeout more than once for a particular offense.  However she is starting to show her more demanding side when she threw her first tantrum a couple weeks ago.  She absolutely insisted on opening the gate up that leads to the dining room.  And when I told her No, she proceeded to cry and wail and grab the gate and wouldn't let go.  To be honest my reaction was not what I expected either.  It didn't really annoy me or anger me at all, that she was throwing the tantrum.  I was more fascinated than anything, in the behavior.  It didn't last long however, so maybe it gets on parents nerves more if it continues for a long period of time.

Anywhoos, I uploaded some pictures of the kids playing in the snow after the last snow fall.
You can go to the gallery by clicking on the link in the toolbar above, or here's a direct link for the album:

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