Friday, January 15, 2010


So a friend of mine said, whats the point of e-readers (i.e. the nook, sony's eReader, etc.), he doesn't like the fact that people can download content without actually paying for a book.

I realized that some people just don't understand the capabilities, and this might be a one of those technology gadget gateway products.  Not only can you preview and buy the latest books in print, but most e-readers have access to google books.  Which allows you access to millions of books, including out-of-print editions.

Not only books, you can get access to magazines, current and archived.  Great example, would be the entire Life Magazine collection.  You want to read the Audrey Hepburn article in 1953? Sure...go ahead.

And unlike the music industry, the publishing industry is handling the technology invasion a lot better.  They aren't demanding large sums of money for already released content that they already made money on (Ala Mettalica).

There's going to be a large number of e-readers coming out this year, of all different types.  Some of the newer models are amazing.  Check out the Skiff. (and yes, it doesn't have any glass and you can bend it)

People gots ta learn.

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